1. Complete and send your Company Application back to our office by fax
(877 691.4113 )
or by mail. The application asks for logistical information about your company and your plant, as well as a list of the products you want certified, and their ingredients.

2. A member of SKO will handle your application and will be available to answer your questions, address your needs and guide you through the certification process.

3. A Highly Qualified Rabbi will visit your plant to observe your operation and the feasibility of certifying your products (visit cost and travel expenses will be covered by the company that ask for our certification)

4. The Rabbi will file a written report that will show your companies' readiness to receive SKO certification.

5. SKO will draft a contract that includes all of the requirements (standards) for kosher certification. If acceptable to you the contract is signed and returned to the office, and the letter of certification is sent to your company.

6. You may then submit you new product labels carrying the SKO logo for our final approval

View sample certificate

Download Kosher Certification Application

Review all sections of an application carefully.
If you have any questions, please call 212.767.9377


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